Stolen Voices


A Pro-Life Poetry book from the baby’s perspective

*Proceeds from the book will go to help women, children born and preborn. When YOU buy this book, you are saving the life of a child that would have been killed by abortion’s deadly sting.

Who Will Speak For Me?

Stolen Voices answered the call to be a voice for the voiceless and we are saying to millions of preborn children that yes we will speak for you and be your voice.

Purpose Of The Book

The purpose of the book and this ministry is not only to speak for the preborn children, but to help abolish abortion and to make it unthinkable

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About The Author


is a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), who specializes as a Family Nurse Practitioner. With her strong faith and calling to protect the unborn, Nativida became a pro-life activist in 2008.

Since then, she has dedicated her life to be an advocate to end disparities, especially in minority communities, in the areas of abortion, and to help improve healthcare for expectant mothers. In 2019, she became an ordained and licensed minister, specializing in healing and deliverance.

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I wrote this book to help

Question #1

Pregnant Women...

God has a plan for you and your child

Question #2

Abortion Vulnerable Women...

There are resources to help you in the back of the book.

Question #3

Post Abortive Women...

There is healing for you

Speak for those who cannot speak, seek justice for all those on the verge of destruction.

– Proverbs 31:8 ISV

Life matters at the moment of conception.

Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter.

-Proverbs 24:11

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